Wombat Studios, originally named Wombat Interactive, was founded in October of ’97. It was formed by Bear Weiter and Trey Toman, friends since high school, with our mission to provide high quality work in the emerging world of digital design. We had both been working within Medtronic’s creative services department and felt that we could (…)


We are primarily a virtual company – your best means of contacting us is through the form below, or calling (due to the number of spam calls, we generally screen – please leave a message if we don’t pick up). We will get your message through the form, however, and get back to you as (…)


Our Core Strengths: 3D Animation ¬†and Illustration for Medical, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical companies, to be used for marketing, sales, advertising and education 2D Animation and Illustration for all of the above 3D Animation and Illustration for other needs – product visualization, concepting and planning, pre-visualization Video Production and Motion Graphics for presentations, tradeshows, sales meetings, (…)


Wombat Studios was started in late 1997 (under the name Wombat Interactive) as a graphic design studio, specializing in digitally delivered media – web sites, interactive CDs, animation, illustration, video – as well as design for more traditional needs. As the founders of the company came out of Medtronic’s creative services department, much of our (…)