Wombat Studios was started in late 1997 (under the name Wombat Interactive) as a graphic design studio, specializing in digitally delivered media – web sites, interactive CDs, animation, illustration, video – as well as design for more traditional needs. As the founders of the company came out of Medtronic’s creative services department, much of our work centered on the medical field, but our strengths and competencies easily reached other markets;

  • we helped one start up company visualize new ways of delivering video through the internet
  • another project saw us turning an artist’s ideas into designs and machine-ready files for laser cutting as part of an extremely large installation
  • we’ve done design for tradeshows, brochures, created desktop applications, interactive powerpoint presentations

Over the years, our core strengths and our successes allowed us to transition from a “jack of all trades” company to a highly specialized resource for our clients.

At present, Wombat Studios is a collaborative, virtual* company that focuses internally on animation, illustration and video production. And through collaboration with others, we are able to provide a much wider range of solutions – expert solutions – custom tailored to your needs and not limited by our internal capabilities. Not watered down by the jack of all trades approach. This ensures a more consistent message, greater quality, and better communication within a team that works together.

Capabilities are one thing, approach is another. We believe in partnerships with our clients, providing solutions based on desired outcomes, clear communication and understanding of business needs. We believe in being easy to work with; in listening rather than talking over; explaining and educating rather than talking down to. You know what you want, we know how to get you there.

We provide benefits of a small company, with the features of a larger studio – low overhead, easy access, no layers between the client and the actual developer, and on top of all that, more expertise than what a one or two man shop can provide.

Read more about our History (click here), or see our list of Capabilities (click here).

*virtual in the sense that almost all communications, reviews and other details of a project are handled through phone calls and the internet; there is rarely need to meet our clients face-to-face. But we ARE a real company. And we are more than willing to meet, to leave our “cave” and see the sun. It just doesn’t happen very often.