Celleration – MIST Therapy

Some screenshots and other illustrations created for Celleration’s MIST Therapy product. MIST Therapy cleans out wounds, but also provides ultrasonic waves to stimulate other healing events.

Breaking Down Bacteria

Bacteria Before Treatment

Bacteria After Treatment

Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation Before Treatment

Inflammation After Treatment

Invigorating Collagen Fibers

Collagen Fibers Before Treatment

Collagen Fibers After Treatment

Skin Layers and MIST Therapy

This illustration was created for brochures and other collateral to show the multi-facetted benefits.
MIST Therapy and Skin Layers

MIST Therapy After a Chemical Peel

MIST Therapy is also used for helping to heal after cosmetic procedures (we composited in the MIST device, the spray and water drops, and did work on the face).
MIST Therapy - Face