CryoLife – HeRO Adapter

An assortment of product illustrations for CryoLife (originally Hemosphere). Some of the items we received from the client as CAD files, many others we modeled ourselves in 3D.

These items come as part of the HeRO accessory kit. We received one of these kits and tasked with modeling the items for use in the animation. You can see more about this here, in one of our featured stories.
CryoLife - HeRO Accessories

CryoLife - HeRO - Exploded View

CryoLife - HeRO - The Adapter

CryoLife - HeRO - Connected

CryoLife - HeRO - Separated

When securing The Adapter, first squeeze it finger tight…
CryoLife - HeRO - Hands Pinching

…then finish with pliers.
CryoLife - HeRO - Clamp Pinching